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December 2017

Electronics Watch Annual Conference 2017: Public Buyer's Role in Protecting the Rights of Electronics Workers

7 December 2017, 8:30 - 17:30
London, United Kingdom
This event, taking place the 7 December in London, will focus on precarious labour in the electronics industry and explore ways in which public sector buyers can help protect the rights of workers in unreliable and often abusive forms of employment.

As in previous years, the Conference will feature leading practitioners in the field of socially responsible public procurement, experts in international labour rights, and grassroots workplace monitors from electronics production regions around the world.

Electronics workers in precarious forms of employment earn low wages, work unpredictable hours, may not be properly trained for hazardous work, and risk losing their jobs and sometimes residency permits should they speak up for their rights. They may be employed legally or illegally, directly or indirectly for the factory where they work. They may be migrants or local workers, student workers or trainees, and work in any country. Electronics Watch highlights the challenges of precarious work in factories that make the electronic goods public sector organisations buy and helps to develop solutions that involve local civil society organisations, trade unions, electronics brands, and factories.

If you wish to register and for more information, visit the event’s page.

Beyond the Circular Procurement Package: Priorities for the EU

14 December 2017, 8:30 - 10:30
Brussels, Belgium
This discussion, taking place the 14 December in Brussels, will explore the progress made to date by businesses and EU institutions on resource efficiency and debate priority areas of action for the years to come.

The sessions will include a presentation on Circular Procurement, exploring concepts and ideas related to the topic, including references to circular procurement examples.

With the Circular Economy Package and its Action Plan nearing completion and with businesses needing long-term policy certainty to invest in new business models, this event will mark the launch of the Aldersgate Group’s latest briefing on resource efficiency. This briefing will feature a range of new business case studies on the circular economy, together with recommendations on policy priorities beyond the end of the Circular Economy Package.

Please note that due to limited room capacity, places will be confirmed by Thursday 30th November.

For more information and to register visit the event's page.