15 million tonnes

of CO2 emissions could be saved each year if the entire EU adopted the same environmental criteria for lighting and office equipment as the city of Turku

Source: Norden 



The cost savings achieved by italian central purchasing body Consip when they included green considerations into a framework contract for construction

Source: OECD

€421.3 billion

The total value of tenders published in the EU Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database in 2014

Source: DG GROW


The level of sustainable procurement implemented in Dutch authorities since 2015

Source: OECD

11,500 kg

The amount of waste saved by purchasing sustainable toner cartridges in France

Source: UNEP


The cost savings achieved by the same initative

Source: UNEP

1.4 million3

The annual decrease in water usage in the Danish municipality of Lolland thanks to the use of eco-innovative cleaning products

Source: EPA


The amount of energy saved by the Greek city of Maroussi by switching to energy efficient lighting

Source: Pro-ee

$18.6 billion

The amount invested by the USA in clean energy

Source: OECD


The percentage of public contracts awarded by EU countries in 2011 which included at least one SPP criterion

Source: The Guardian

3.1 million tonnes

The estimated CO2 savings achieved by the use of GPP in South Korea

Source: OECD


The number of governmental agencies in Thailand's national GPP programme

Source: GPPBhutan


The amount of water saved by the Brazilian Foundation for Education Development by using notebooks made from recycled paper

Source: UNEP


The percentage of GDP spent by public authorities in the EU on procurement of services, works and supplies

Source: European Commission