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City of Rotterdam - Zero Emission Transport in Construction Material Procurement
A shared service department of the municipality dedicated to materials supplies coordinates the logistics in order to optimize load factors, e.g. through combining material requests from different projects in the city. The vast majority of construction materials are delivered on-site in trailers of 30-40 tonnes. From our CO2 transportation footprint analysis, it appeared that over 95% of total emissions caused by the transportation of purchased goods could be allocated to construction materials.
Europe/EU, Netherlands
Transport and vehicles, Buildings and construction
General GPP/SPP
BuyZET Project
Technology-Neutral Procurement of a Full-Electric Ferry
Procurement of a fully electric ferry by the Norwegian Directorate of Public Roads, to service the villages of Lavik and Oppedal across Sognefjord, using a competitive dialogue procedure.
Transport and vehicles
Market Engagement
European Commission, DG Environment
Sustainable textiles for the fire service - Institute for Safety
The Institute for Safety worked with 19 fire service regions in the Netherlands to engage suppliers and encourage sustainable solutions to their textile needs. By purchasing clothing made from organic cotton and polyester from recycled fibres, they saved 134 tonnes of CO2 and prevented 262 tonnes of toxic additives and pesticides in one year alone of a 6-8 year contract. This was the Procura+ Award 2017 runner-up in the category Sustainable Procurement of the Year.
General GPP/SPP
Preparation and delivery of healthy and sustainable school meals
The City of Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve aims to increase awareness and interest in
healthy and sustainable food among children (as well as parents and school staff); training people far from employment; and, motivating the market to provide more sustainable food.
Europe/EU, Belgium
Food and catering
General GPP/SPP
Innovation Partnerships in Practice
A selection of first experiences of Innovation Partnerships in the Netherlands
Innovation procurement (PPI)
Innovative Furniture Procurement Contributing To Green Supply Chain
Tianjin Binhai New Area successfully established a green evaluation scorecard for school furniture procurement in 2018 with the support of ICLEI East Asia.
International, China
General GPP/SPP, Innovation procurement (PPI)
ICLEI East Asia
Ice Storage Air Conditioning Procurement for Green Building
Shenzhen Guangming District in Southern China will procure an unconventional air conditioning system using ice-storage technology for a public utility in 2019, yielding up to 48% electricity bill cut and 14% carbon emission reduction by balancing energy demand between peak and off peak hours, and using an air conditioning system with higher coefficient of performance (COP).
International, China
Energy, Buildings and construction
General GPP/SPP, Energy efficiency
ICLEI East Asia
Public Procurement and Human Rights Due Diligence to Achieve Respect for Labour Rights Standards in Electronics Factories.
A Case Study of the Swedish County Councils and the Dell Computer Corporation: an account of the two-year, in-depth review of the human rights policies and due diligence of its IT contractor and subcontractor, and measures taken to increase companies capacity to manage supply chains with increased respect for workers' rights.
ICT (information and communication techn.)
Social responsibility
Electronics Watch
TORONTO - Circular Economy Procurement Implementation Plan And Framework
The Framework is positioned to become a major tool in creating economic growth, enhancing social prosperity and moving towards zero waste in the city. Case study traces the journey already made and next steps towards circular procurement
International, Canada
General GPP/SPP, Circular Economy
Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation