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EU GPP case study: ICT equipment and management services, Italy
Consip SpA, the Italian central purchasing body, identified a need for leasing ICT equipment and management services. The organisation established that by purchasing an integrated service, as opposed to a product, several economic and ecological targets could be met. More specifically, Consip felt that by using this approach they could achieve greater energy efficiency, rationalise their IT infrastructure, cut staff costs and reduce the need for regular maintenance. In 2013, Consip set up a €380 million framework agreement over 24 months for ICT services covering 160,000 workstations located on the premises of various Italian public bodies. The desktop sourcing services included the management of ICT platforms, leasing of hardware, software licenses and virtualisation services. Consip chose to set up an “incomplete” framework agreement as part of their tendering strategy, under which not all terms had been established. This allowed the public bodies purchasing through the contract flexibility with their individual purchases, setting additional technical specifications and award criteria on a case-by-case basis. At the same time, it ensured compliance with Consip’s minimum requirements. Consip ensured that suppliers would in fact be able to meet the standards specified in their tender documentation, by carrying out a market analysis prior to tendering, and by including the minimum environmental criteria issued by the Italian Environment Ministry in their tender. The sustainability criteria included in the tender contributed to the selection of brand new products on the market with low energy consumption.
ICT (information and communication techn.)
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