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Forward Commitment Procurement of a zero waste prison mattress solution
Historically, the majority of waste mattresses and pillows from Her Majesty's Prison Service (HMPS) were sent to landfill or incinerated (costing money and damaging the environment). HMPS worked with the DTI/DEFRA Environmental Innovations Advisory Group and OGC in the first Forward Commitment Procurement (FCP) demonstration project to deliver an innovative solution to this problem.
United Kingdom
Innovation procurement (PPI) , Circular Economy
Department for Business, Innovation & Skills
Weiz District Authority Office, Austria - Innovative facade and ventilation systems
The Headquarters of the Weiz District authority was renovated to a highly energy efficient standard through the use of innovative facade elements and ventilation systems. Overall heating energy demand per m2 has been reduced by 80%.
Buildings and construction
Energy efficiency, Innovation procurement (PPI)
Wales - resource efficiency in facilities management
Case study on identification of opportunities for improving resource efficiency through tenders in catering.
Europe/EU, United Kingdom
Food and catering
General GPP/SPP
WRAP Cymru
Procurement, Innovation & Green Growth: the story continues
This report builds on the existing body of work that supports the case for green public procurement, to further identify the linkages between procurement and green growth and discuss the enabling environment that would see public procurement serve as a trigger for green industrial innovation, expansion and growth.
General GPP/SPP, Innovation procurement (PPI)
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Innovative Contracting Case Studies
In the United States of America (USA), the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) and the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP) seek to encourage greater innovation in Federal contracting. In this spirit, OSTP has compiled this collection of agency case studies to highlight different models that have been successfully tested by agencies to meet a range of needs related to research, prototyping, and market testing.
United States
Innovation procurement (PPI)
White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Towards optimal public procurement of innovation: Case based success & failure learnings
This manual has been written for procurement professionals working in European public authorities. It condenses the main learnings of the INNOBOOSTER procurement cases enriched by learnings of the INNOBOOSTER partners resulting from prior innovation procurements in which they were involved.
Innovation procurement (PPI)
Delivering efficiency, quality and sustainability in healthcare through innovation procurement: Case study based report
The case study report is based on the experience of the EcoQUIP Innovation Procurement Pilot Projects and describes the approach and methods used, learning gained in their implementation and the outcomes.
Innovation procurement (PPI)
City of Rotterdam - Sustainable, customer-oriented transport services
EU GPP Case Study - Different modified transport services are required for different target groups, and in the past, this has led to fragmented and sometimes insufficient services. As such, towards the end of 2013, the City of Rotterdam decided to integrate all its modified transport services. By performing a joint procurement with integrated route coordination, the city aimed to improve service quality while reducing costs
Europe/EU, Netherlands
Transport and vehicles, Infrastructure
General GPP/SPP
Reducing Ozone Depletion through GPP - Shenzhen, China
Through the successful application of Green Public Procurement (GPP), Shenzhen has greatly reduced the use of products that contain Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS). Since Shenzhen began implementing GPP in 2006, the city has eliminated 150.9 tons of ODS, as well as greenhouse gases equivalent to 1,360,863 tons of CO2.
Energy, Waste
General GPP/SPP