The European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement

The European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement

NGOs are well-placed to provide information to local, regional, and national governments, making them better equipped to engage in GPP. To make it easier for NGOs to work with public procurers to enhance GPP uptake, a network was established in 2016 with the support of the European Commission.


Why join the Network? 

Environmental NGOs have knowledge and experience with many of the environmental issues addressed by GPP criteria, such as hazardous substances, waste management, energy efficiency etc, and therefore represent vital stakeholders when promoting GPP.

The objective of the NGO Network is to increase the uptake of GPP through the EU by building NGO capacity to support public authorities.


Latest News

Future of the European NGO Network on GPP discussed in Hungary

The recently launched European NGO Network on Green Public Procurement (GPP) held an introductory session on 26 January in Szentendre (Hungary), gathering NGOs from across Europe with an interest in learning more about how GPP can be used to help cities and regions improve their sustainability and meet environmental policy objectives. Simon Clement and Estela Grana of ICLEI introduced the network, while Enrico Degiorgis of the European Commission provided a short introduction to GPP, the support available from the European Commission, and available tools and guidance.

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Supporting green purchasing through a European Network of NGOs

Despite the power that public bodies have in preferring ‘green’ goods and services through the purchases they make, much of this remains untapped, with many countries in the EU reporting that less than 20% of their purchases are ‘green’. An effort to reach out and engage other organisations to help support green public procurement (GPP) actions could be very valuable. And this is precisely how the idea of establishing a European Network of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for GPP was born.

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The project is supported and funded by the European Commission

What is Green Public Procurement?

Green Public Procurement (GPP) aims to harness the purchasing power of governments to drive positive environmental change



Green Public Procurement
A Guide for NGOs

This Guide aims at giving NGOs the knowledge needed to help encourage public procurers to embrace GPP



Identifying potential tenders for Green Public Procurement

This document will guide you through the four steps that are necessary to start actively supporting public authorities in including GPP criteria in their procurements.


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