ICLEI's Sustainable Economy and Procurement team can provide a wide variety of services that help drive strategic public procurement and the transition to a sustainable economy. Our training and consultancy programme assists public authorities of any size in starting or further developing sustainable, innovation, and circular public procurement.

ICLEI's approach is tailored to suit the needs of your organisation. Where appropriate, ICLEI can involve trainers or experts from other institutions and public authorities that also work on sustainable procurement in your country and local language. Services can be delivered in a number of different languages: English, Spanish, German or Italian.


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Capacity Building

Provide training or capacity building workshops for procurement, economy, finance and policy making staff to raise awareness, include green and social criteria into a tender or to develop legal expertise.


Integrate sustainability into the procurement cycle, starting and advancing sustainable procurement practices, assisting with best-practice case studies, working across sectors.

Project Coordination & Proposal Writing

Support participation in EU projects by providing consortium building, proposal writing and project management services with expertise across sectors and countries.

Research & Methological Support

Undertake research, and develop methodologies and tools such as criteria for socially responsible procurement or a cutting-edge sustainable procurement strategy.


We offer tailored training, a curriculum adapted to your needs!

ICLEI delivers qualified training on themes around sustainable, innovative and circular public procurement. Our trainings range from half-day to multi-day sessions, from enabling train-the-trainer to direct input for key staff delivering for a sustainable economy.

Module 1: Raising awareness

Session for political members and key officers to learn about the role of sustainable economy and procurement as a tool for achieving benefits and policy objectives.

Module 4: Engaging the Market

Exploring different engagement approaches and on how it helps strengthen your strategic public procurement.

Module 2: How to get started

Guidance on how to start the process of implementation within a public administration.

Module 5: Procurement and the Circular Economy

Introduction to circular procurement, good-practice cases and how to adapt sustainable procurement practices, including how to finance circular economy models.

Module 3: How to include sustainability in tendering

Covering where and how to introduce green and social criteria in documents and getting your financial and incremental needs right.

Module 6: Procurement and financing strategy

Developing and iterating on the strategy that guides procurement, finance and investment: tailored to the needs of the public authority in terms of scope and detail.

Want to narrow it down?


Construction and Infrastructure, Cleaning Services, Electricity, Food & Catering, Furniture, ICT, Medical devices, Green Space Maintenance, Transport and Mobility, Sustainable Finance.


Innovative, Green, Social, Circular or Strategic procurement, Sustainable finance and Investment, Market engagement, SME-involvement.




Key take-aways

  • Make a case for sustainable, innovative and/or circular public procurement and start to implement it strategically.
  • Acquire life cycle thinking
  • Learn how to leverage for example subject matter, exclusion and selection of bidders, technical specifications and award criteria.
  • Build capacity to engage with the market to offer more sustainable and circular solutions.



  • Save money by significantly reducing utility bills and operating costs.
  • Meet the environmental objectives of your organisation.
  • Achieve social goals such as local employment generation and improved working conditions.
  • Improve your public image and increase legitimacy.
  • Contribute to tackling the climate and resource crisis.


"ICLEI helped the City of Haarlem put together our first market engagement on ICT Hardware. The event resulted in a valuable exchange, bringing together local suppliers, international brands and other public authorities from the region. The engagement event made us realise that we can be even more ambitious, pushing environmental and social sustainability in upcoming tenders - the market is ready!"   - Thomas van den Hoff, Project Manager, ICT Procurement, City of Haarlem

"The City of Barcelona is ambitious about socially responsible procurement. Working with ICLEI on the development of criteria that aim for supply-chain transparency and fair worker's rights, helped us to take Barcelona's procurement practice to the next level." - Carla Canal Rosich, Directorate of Global Justice and International Cooperation,  Barcelona City Council

Online Tools & Guidance

Browse our online selection of useful tools and guidance on sustainable procurement. 

Case Studies

Curious to learn from existing cases of using sustainable and circular criteria for tenders?

Resource Centre

Deepen your knowledge on public procurement across sectors and topics.