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January 2018

Boost for clean vehicles by public procurement

24 January 2018, 14:00 - 15:oo

Hosted by the SPICE project, this webinar, taking place the 24 January 2018 at 14:00 (CET), will provide a brief introduction to the use of public procurement to encourage the uptake of alternatively fueled vehicles in Europe.

In November 2017, the European Commission published a proposal on the Clean Vehicles Directive, aiming to boost the electrification of European mobility. This webinar will cast a light on the content of the proposal and also explore some best practices and learnings related to the procurement of cleaner vehicles and their charging systems.

This webinar is organised by SPICE project. SPICE is a Horizon 2020 supported Coordination and Support Action (CSA) project, with a focus on sharing knowledge and experiences on innovation procurement in the transport sector.

You can register to the webinar here.

February 2018

Webinar on the circular economy in ICLEI cities and regions

14:30-15:30 CET
21 February 2018, 14.30 - 15.30

In preparation for the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal (Canada), June 2018, this webinar (21 February, 14:30-15:30 CET) will investigate the role cities and regions can play in achieving the circular economy at the local level.

It will showcase experience from participants of the Procura+ Network and Global Lead Cities on Sustainable Procurement Network: Ghent (Belgium), Oslo (Norway) and Montreal. It will also feature experience from the social enterprise Circle Economy, which developed a circular economy plan based on urban metabolism studies for Amsterdam(Netherlands), Glasgow (UK) and the Flemish region.

Contributors to this webinar include:

Taking the circular economy to the city level – Roman Mendle, Smart Cities Program Manager at ICLEI World Secretariat.

Building synergies for a circular economy in Montreal – Josée Chiasson, Director of the Economic Development Branch at the City of Montreal.

Closing the loop through circular consumption and procurement in Oslo – Siri K. Bellika, Partnership on Circular Economy in the Urban Agenda for the EU and special consultant at Agency of waste management at the City of Oslo.

Co-creating circularity in Ghent: A commons-based approach – Jorn Verbeeck, Director Environment and Climate Agency, Department Sustainable Urban Development and Entrepreneurship at the City of Ghent.

The circular transition in the Americas – Kevin de Cuba, Director of the Circular Economy Platform of the Americas and Senior Fellow at the Worldwatch Institute.

Material flow analysis for more circular cities – Annerieke Douma, Director Program and Business Development at Circle Economy.

Online registration available here.

Webinar: How to use joint procurement to encourage innovation?

22 February 2018, 14:00 - 15:00

Hosted by the SPICE project, this webinar will provide a brief introduction into joint procurement and Common Buyers Groups in the context of public procurement. The webinar will also explore how joint and common procurement can be used to encourage innovation in procurement.

The webinar aims to explore the best practices in joint procurement, provide insights regarding the definition, types, benefits and challenges of common procurement, and support the work of new Common Buyers Groups.

Find more information here or register directly at

Fostering the Transition towards a Circular Economy in Europe

27 February 2018, 10:00 - 16:30
Brussels, Belgium

The event, taking place the 27th of February in Brussels, will provide an opportunity for industry experts, policy makers, academics, NGOs and other key stakeholders to review the latest European regulatory policy developments on the Circular Economy Package and discuss strategies aimed at promoting a more sustainable economy.

The symposium will allow delegates to assess the current challenges to the transition towards a more circular economy, consider ways to overcome them, set future priorities and share best practice and initiatives from across Europe. Participants will also get the chance to consider the role local authorities can play in the implementation of a better municipal waste management system. This session will include discussion on how to boost the market for secondary-raw materials through strategic procurement.

For more information on the event please visit the event's webpage.

March 2018

Challenging the sustainability of the global ICT supply chain: from mining to procurement

8 March 2018, 12:00 - 18:00
Leuven, Belgium

On the 8th of March 2018, from 12.00 – 18.00, KU Leuven, CATAPA and People and Planet are co-organising a symposium on “Challenging the sustainability of the global ICT supply chain: from mining to procurement” at the KU Leuven Campus Brussels.

The main topic is the sustainability of the electronics supply chain, including the procurement of ICT by public institutions. The symposium will give participants the chance to network with each other and find some new and interesting ways to manage the issues of sustainability within the global ICT supply chain.

CATAPA is currently involved in a joint learning initiative with other NGOs and institutions called “Make ICT Fair”, funded by the EU. The project aims to provide concrete improvements in the lives and livelihoods of workers and communities associated with ICT supply chains - particularly in the Global South.

There are limited spots available so please subscribe before the 20th of February by e-mail to (mark your email with SYMPOSIUM).

The 15th Procura+ Seminar

21 - 22 March 2018, 9:00 - 17:00
Oslo, Norway

The City of Oslo (Norway) and ICLEI are partnering to host the 15th Procura+ Seminar on 21-22 March 2018, to bring together a diverse range of practitioners, experts and policy makers from across Europe.

Procurement is evolving rapidly and changing how public authorities across Europe purchase goods and services. Purchasing authorities are expected to professionalise procurement and take into account sustainability and innovation. Join Procura+ Network participants, key organisations working in the field and European Institutions at this event to unlock the untapped potential and opportunities within your own procurement plans, and learn skills needed to make better, strategic and more sustainable procurement decisions.

Participants will get the chance to hear from the City of Oslo on their new procurement strategy, and from the SPP Regions project partners on experiences of engaging with suppliers, applying circular procurement and using life cycle costing tools.

Detailed information about the Seminar will be made available on the Procura+ website. Please do not hesitate to contact at with any questions or if you would like to collaborate.

May 2018

SPICE workshop: Common Buyers Groups

3 May 2018
Hamburg, Germany

The SPICE project will host a workshop in Hamburg, the 3 May 2018, on joint procurements, Common Buyers Groups and procurements of innovation in the urban mobility context.

The workshop aims to give an insight into the SPICE project, gather more knowledge on the EC Directive on public procurement and team up with other public procurers (peer-to-peer support) to share experiences around tendering processes and procedures.

You can find more details and information on the project's website and/or can register for the event.

EU Green Week: Greener cities through smart public procurement

22 May 2018, 16:30 - 18:30

The European Green Week will be taking place between the 21 - 25 May 2018 in Brussels, Belgium exploring ways in which the EU is helping cities to become better places to live and work. Within the programme a session will be dedicated to sustainable public procurement in cities and hosted on the 22 May 2018, 16:30 - 18:30 (CET).

During the session, representatives from two European cities will share their practical experience of integrating sustainable public procurement into their overall procurement strategies. This will be followed by an intervention by the Global Director of ICLEI's Sustainable Procurement Centre, who will give useful information on existing public procurement networks and partnerships. The European Commission will also present the different policies and tools developed at EU level to facilitate the uptake of sustainable public procurement. Lastly, a Q & A session will be open to the participants.

For more information visit the event webpage.

The Missing Link: Suicide & Employment Conditions in the Chinese Electronics Sector

29 May 2018, 11:00 - 00:00

The webinar will take place the 29 May 2018 at 11:00 - 12:00 and will be based on a forthcoming report by the Economic Rights Institute and Electronics Watc on employment conditions in the Chinese Electronics Sector. 

Webinar participants will be guided through the impacts on human health of particular employment conditions, including income, shift work, the speed and intensity of work, overtime, time-off, respect, discipline and violence, and will provide recommendations on what industry, the Chinese government, and public buyers can and should do to mitigate these risk.

To find out more about the webinar and to register, please click visit the Electronics Watch webpage.

June 2018

Cities as big public buyers

6 - 7 June 2018
Brussels, Belgium

The workshop, organized by the European Commission, will be held on 6-7 June 2018 in Brussels.

The workshop is meant to support cities' in joint cross-border procurement, procurement of innovation and strategic public procurement.

More information and the agenda of the workshop will be published as soon as possible the workshop webpage.