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February 2021

The Value-Chain Approach to action on Sustainable Consumption and Production

Findings from the One Planet Network - International Resource Panel Task Group
19 February 2021, 13:30 - 15:00

In advance of the 5th United Nations Environment Assembly, the Task Group of the International Resource Panel and the One Planet network will present the Value Chain Approach and discuss how it can strengthen the science policy interface on sustainable consumption and production (SCP). This approach organises information and data to shape impactful action, making it a practical interface between science on natural resources and action on SCP. By being specific and by engaging all stakeholders, the approach generates solutions that are actionable at various levels by different actors. 


During the event, the Task Group will also share findings from its newly released report about the application of the Value Chain Approach to three critical sectors: food, construction and textiles. This report is a response to UNEA4 resolution on SCP.


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