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Public consultation on sustainable procurement in Orkney

23 August 2013

Orkney Islands Council (UK) held a consultation on its new draft policy on sustainable procurement. Ensuring that the new policy is in line with the guidelines set out in the Scottish Government’s Sustainable Procurement Action Plan, the draft document includes a number of features that are central to sustainable procurement principles.

There is specific mention of achieving a truly sustainable supply chain for goods, works and services that not only considers the initial purchasing price but the costs involved in the whole life-cycle of a product or a service. As sustainable procurement practices are grounded in overall climate and sustainability policy, the prohibition of buying products which may harm the environment, social, or economic well-being of local and global communities is stressed. Furthermore, provision is made for continual auditing and engagement, to identify and assess need and to set and monitor targets.

David Rendall, the council’s Head of Buildings and Facilities said, “We want to ensure as best we can that local businesses are given an opportunity to actively participate in procurement activities undertaken by the council. In recent years OIC has increasingly moved to awarding contracts on the basis of value for money rather than lowest price. The inclusion of sustainability criteria is a good way of building on this shift in focus." The consultation closed on 23 July.

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