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Pre-commercial procurement tender aims to improve care for the elderly

14 March 2013

The EU funded SILVER project (Supporting Independent Living for the Elderly through Robotics) is launching its pre-commercial procurement (PCP) call for tender. The SILVER contracting authorities will be procuring research and development (R & D) services to test and develop robotic solutions to improve care for the elderly in their own homes. It is envisaged that through this PCP, the amount of elderly people being cared for at home will increase by 10 percent by 2020, without increasing the amount of care staff.

Companies who wish to make an offer for the call are invited to check the SILVER website for the details, available in the call for tender publication in the official Journal of the European Union. Companies are also invited by the SILVER consortium to attend information meetings which will be held in March and April. Interested companies can register online.

The SILVER PCP involves the following local and regional contracting authorities from five EU Member States, each of which are jointly carrying out this cross-border PCP: The City of Odense and region of Southern Denmark (Denmark), the City of Västerås (Sweden), the Cities of Vantaa and Oulu (Finland), the City of Stockport (UK), and the City of Eindhoven (Netherlands).

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