4 February 2016

GPP 2020 tutorial videos outline how to calculate energy and CO2 savings

A series of videos have been produced to guide users through the GPP 2020 carbon and energy calculators, a collection of excel tools which help procurers and decision-makers to measure the energy and carbon emissions saved by opting for a low-carbon tender rather than a standard tender. By providing this information, procurers and decision-makers can make smarter procurement choices.

Calculators are available for four product groups: Energy Contracting, Office ICT, Street Lighting, and Vehicles Calculators. Each video shows the tool being used to calculate savings in real-time, with a clear voice over explaining the process. The tool works by calculating an estimated saving against a standard tender for each product, thereby providing a clear idea of the impact of including low-carbon criteria in the tender.

The tool’s methodology draws on existing calculation tools and takes into account the product or services’ environmental product declaration, using this information to calculate life-cycle costs. The country context is also taken into consideration. The EU-funded GPP 2020 project is working with public procurers to implement more than 100 low-carbon tenders, thereby achieving a significant reduction in CO₂ emissions.

For more information, visit the GPP 2020 website.