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New Irish government guidance aims to dispel concerns over GPP

4 September 2014

Responding to concerns from public authorities tasked with implementing green public procurement (GPP), the Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has produced a guide to help public sector procurers implement sustainable and green procurement practices. The document covers a wide range of sectors, including construction, transport, energy, food and catering, textiles, cleaning products, paper and IT equipment. Around €15 billion is spent by the Irish government annually.

Issues addressed in the document include the perception that GPP costs more, annual budget constraints, lack of support for GPP from senior management, risk of legal challenges, complexity of verification, the effect of central procurement frameworks, and working with a lack of resources. Additionally, the guide addresses the legislative requirements around GPP, as well as the effects of the recently adopted EU Procurement Directives.

The benefits of more sustainable procurement are outlined, with the use of GPP as a means to contribute to Ireland's economic recovery highlighted. The public sector's responsibility to display leadership on environmental issues, and the long term benefits of GPP (social, economic and political) are also mentioned.

For more information, visit the EPA website.