12 October 2017

SPP Regions project releases 'how-to' procurement videos

The SPP Regions project has released a series of five 'how-to' videos for public procurers. The videos have been produced by SPP Regions project partners Bristol City Council and the University of the West of England (UK) and feature Christine Storry, Project Manager of the PIPEN project.

The series of 8-12 minute videos cover Circular Procurement, Sustainable Procurement, Life Cycle Costing, the use of labels in SPP and Market Engagement. Each video sets out what is meant by the concept and explores how public procurers can integrate it into their tender processes, specifications and broader purchasing policy.

SPP Regions, a Horizon 2020 project coordinated by ICLEI, involves the creation and expansion of 7 European regional networks of municipalities working together on sustainable public procurement (SPP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI). The project will run tender processes in Energy use in public buildings, vehicles and transport and food and catering services, towards achieving 54.3 GWH/year primary energy savings and trigger 45 GWh/year renewable energy.

For more information and to view the videos, visit the SPP Regions website.