5 November 2015

French network produces video to promote sustainable public procurement

A new video to raise awareness about the environmental and economic benefits of Sustainable Public procurement (SPP) has been produced by RĂ©seau Grand Ouest (R.G.O), a network representing local authorities based in the west of France. The film itself was made with recycled and reclaimed toys and objects and developed in an environmentally friendly way.

The video looks at how procurers can use their purchasing power to increase the demand for sustainable products, and outlines ways in which sustainability can be inserted into procurement processes. The video, which is just under seven minutes, explores a range of product categories, from electronics to cleaning products, outlining the benefits of sustainable purchasing in each.

R.G.O is a partner in SPP Regions, a European project that promotes the establishment of regional networks of municipalities collaborating on the topic of SPP, and a participant in the Procura+ campaign, which supports public authorities in implementing SPP.

To view the video, visit YouTube [in French].