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Washington sees the positive impact of embracing green procurement

16 October 2015

A survey of state governments in the USA has shown that states across the country are embracing green public procurement (GPP), with Washington emerging as a leader in the field. The north-western state has passed ambitious procurement legislation that has led to more sustainable purchasing practices in all government agencies. The improved procurement practices are set to reduce climate change related costs, cut health-care fees, create jobs and preserve scarce resources.

As a result of Washington laws, the percentage of recycled products purchased has increased drastically, while energy consumption has fallen. The state has also mandated that green building practices be incorporated into state owned buildings, vehicle fleets be made more fuel efficient, and that the amount of paper used in state offices be reduced, while the amount of recycled paper purchased goes up.

Since 2013, procurers in Washington have been able to consider a product or service’s impact on human health and the environment beyond lowest cost. The wider survey showed that 47 percent of states throughout the USA gave preference to the purchase of green products and services even if the price was higher, while 83 percent included green criteria in the purchasing of selected items.

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