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Conditions faced by manufacturers in the IT Industry explored in new report

18 September 2014

The demand on the computer industry to consistently develop updated products has led to a number of negative consequences, such as poor working conditions in IT equipment manufacturing plants. Long working hours, low wages, and inadequate safety measures are just some of the issues faced by employees. To help buyers choose sustainably made products, a new report on the ‘State of Socially Responsible Manufacturing in the IT Industry’ has been produced by TCO Development.

The report found that progress has been made among several brands in regards to responsibility, structure and transparency. Many have taken greater responsibility for working conditions in manufacturing facilities, while others have increased training in socially responsible manufacturing for their suppliers.

Despite progress, however, the analysis also reveals that major violations in working conditions, such as the contravening of labour laws, persist. Criteria regarding socially responsible manufacturing processes were introduced by TCO in 2009, with the aim to provide a path to TCO certification. Through the certification, the organisation hopes to create a more transparent dialogue with the industry.

For more information, visit the TCO Development website.