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Madrid to replace 225,000 street lights to enhance energy-efficiency

17 March 2015

In an effort to enhance sustainability and lower energy costs, the City of Madrid (Spain) is replacing its street lights with more energy-efficient models. With a total of 225,000 lights to be changed, the project is the world's largest ever street lighting renewal.

“This will be the biggest technological renewal ever seen in Madrid City. The change will reduce the city’s energy consumption thanks to energy efficient bulbs, extending the lifespan of the city lighting and controlling light pollution by enabling the regulation of the intensity of light when and where it’s needed. The new lighting installation allows us to make significant progress towards becoming a smart city, which is more sustainable and, in conclusion, a more liveable city,” said Mayor of Madrid Ana Botella.

The city hopes to achieve energy sayings of around 44 percent per year with the new bulbs. Dutch electronics company Philips will finance the project at no cost to citizens. Discarded lamps and lampposts will be recycled by the non-profit association Ambilamp.

For more information, visit the European Green Capital website.