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Munich extends engagement with Fair Trade

20 March 2014

Following the city's success at the 2013 Fair Trade Capital awards, Munich City Council (Germany) has voted to increase its commitment to procuring Fair Trade products. Specifically, the city will ensure that all sports balls procured carry Fair Trade certification, guaranteeing that the balls are not manufactured using child labour or other exploitative means.

Sports professionals and students carried out a number of tests on the Fair Trade balls, primarily manufactured in Asia, Africa and Latin America, to ensure that they meet the required standards. Following approval, these balls were distributed to schools across the city. Students were informed that the equipment was manufactured in a manner that respected human rights, a priority for the city council.

The proportion of Fair Trade food used in schools, urban canteens and day care centres will also be increased. Over the coming years Munich intends to make its procuring processes even more sustainable, with a particular emphasis on ensuring fair working conditions for manufacturers.

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