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Standards Map helps companies find a better route to sustainable procurement

11 June 2014

With supply chains growing more complex and an explosion of voluntary standards available to help verify sustainability and ethical practices, procurers can find themselves overwhelmed by the task of ensuring sustainable practices along the supply chain. The Standards Map, an online platform to explore and compare sustainability standards, aims to simplify this process.

The tool was recently updated to include the latest standards and criteria. It provides clear, comprehensive and verified information on over 130 voluntary standards and codes of conduct across a range of product groups. It enables users to review and compare sustainability requirements against their own business practices, with the ultimate goal of helping producers, exporters, policymakers and buyers participate in more sustainable production and trade.

As well as detailed information on the actions required to meet a chosen standard, the database provides timeframes, thresholds and urgency ratings to help suppliers create a roadmap towards sustainable trade. Collaboration between suppliers, purchasers and policy makers is encouraged by the sustainability marketplace, which encourages businesses to share their personalised sustainability roadmap with actors along the value chain.

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