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EU bans wasteful lamps in favour of efficient alternatives

1 December 2015

The EU is helping to move the European market towards more energy efficient light bulbs by upholding a ban against a certain class of halogen lamps. Mains-voltage directional halogen lamps will be phased out of the European market from September 2016 onwards due to their high-level of inefficiency.

The move has been controversial among the business community with many coming out both in favour of and against the ban. LightingEurope, the trade association representing actors in the lighting industry, has criticised the ruling, stating that the move restricts consumer choice and is likely to "cause confusion".

Fred Bass, managing director of Neonlite International, takes a different view. “This ruling brings us one step closer to the eventual removal of all high-energy consuming halogens and can only be a positive move for both consumers and the environment alike,” said Mr. Bass, speaking to Lux magazine. Before implementing the sales ban, the European Commission considered whether the European market could provide an affordable and efficient alternative. As the market was deemed ready, the ban was upheld.

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