12 January 2017

African Sustainability Week to explore the circular economy

Policy makers, business and technical leaders, and others from across the continent of Africa will share knowledge and insights during the 2017 edition of African Sustainability Week. A particular focus will be placed on the shift towards the circular economy and the economic opportunities it brings. Hosted by the City of Tshwane (South Africa), Sustainability Week 2017 will be held at the CSIR International Convention Centre from 13 - 15 June 2017.

CCSF 2017 will focus on key aspects of sustainable urban development among the world’s fastest-growing cities. Poverty eradication and improving living conditions through best practice policies will be prominently touched on, exploring how green funding can be accessed for climate smart infrastructure development.

“Worldwide, it is increasingly recognised that sustainability is not only critical to economic survival, but that it also holds the key to economic prosperity,” said Gordon Brown, Director of alive2green. “Governments that succeed in creating platforms favourable to sustainable development will enable their citizens to thrive, ensuring stability and sustainable growth.”

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