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New guidance documents focus on risk & intellectual property rights when procuring innovation

12 March 2015

To address specific aspects of procuring innovation, two new guidance documents have been published by the Procurement of Innovation Platform: the first looks at risk management, while the second focuses on handling intellectual property rights (IPR). In addition to the recently published manual Guidance for Public Authorities on Public Procurement of Innovation, these detailed documents aim to make it easier for procurers to successfully manage the purchase of innovative products and services.

The Risk Management Guide helps procurers to overcome the uncertainties that can act as a barrier to procuring innovation. It offers insight into the specific risks of procurement of innovation and the possible methods to manage these risks, and is primarily aimed at strategists and public procurement officers familiar with regular procedures. The guide also includes a practical tool that proposes a specific framework to setup risk management in a controlled and systematic way.

The IPR guide looks at the various ownership possibilities for intellectual property rights, showing procurers how to protect themselves whilst ensuring a sufficient incentive for companies to innovate. Using real-life examples, the guide explains the kind of problems that careful consideration and management of intellectual property rights can prevent.

To view the documents, visit the PPI Platform.