12 February 2013

Intelligent Energy Europe call focuses attention on GPP, energy performance contracting

The 2013 Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) call for proposals places an emphasis on Green Public Procurement (GPP) as a means to support the implementation of actions in local sustainable energy plans. The specific inclusion of GPP within the call reinforces the value of GPP in achieving broader policy objectives in a range of fields.

The call also seeks to further develop Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), a contractual agreement for a specified level of energy efficiency improvements in the refurbishment of buildings, which is referred to as yet to be “developed to its full potential” within Europe. This year's IEE priorities aim to increase transparency and trust In the EPC market, and to remove barriers to its uptake.

€65 million are available for funding under the 2013 call. The Intelligent Energy - Europe II Programme aims to foster energy efficiency and the rational use of energy resources; support energy diversification; and promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in transport. The call closes for most actions on 8 May 2013. If you are submitting a proposal and are looking for a partner organisation, please contact

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