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One tender saves 66,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide

27 March 2015

An electricity and gas tender published as part of the GPP 2020 project by the Catalonian Department of Economy and Knowledge has made total savings of over 66,000 tonnes CO2 equivalent, totalling more than the average annual consumption of 10,000 European households. The tender, which is worth an annual €132.4 million, was awarded in the form of a framework agreement that allowed other public bodies to participate.

Technical specifications included a guaranteed minimum of 30 percent of the electricity to be supplied from renewable or high efficiency cogeneration sources. These had to be accompanied by guarantee of origin certificates. Financial penalties were included in the contract in the case of failure to comply with these conditions.

This tender represents an impressive achievement, with CO2 savings of 22 percent compared to the previous contract, as well as a 300 percent increase in guaranteed production from renewable high efficiency cogeneration sources.

For more information, visit the GPP 2020 website.