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Measures to reduce energy consumption in buildings outlined in new project leaflet

26 June 2014

To reduce high-energy consumption in buildings, the iNSPiRe project has created easy to install renovation packages that can be applied to residential and office properties. The packages work through replacing old, centralised heating and cooling systems (such as oil boilers) with systems that make use of renewable energy sources. Dubbed "plug and play" packages, in most cases building occupants can remain inside during installation. A new leaflet has been launched outlining the work of the project.

Social housing sites in Ludwigsburg (Germany), Madrid (Spain) and Verona (Italy) have agreed to act as demonstration buildings for the project. To assess the impact of the renovations on the buildings, energy audits will be carried out before and after the iNSPiRe technology is installed.

The four-year long, EU-funded project also aims to lower energy costs for building users and help reduce the harmful emissions older buildings currently produce. The project has set a goal of 50 percent energy consumption reduction in older buildings. Sustainable lighting and the use of information and communication technologies to reduce energy consumption is also incorporated during renovation.

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