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Copenhagen adopts energy efficient smart lamps

21 December 2015

Copenhagen’s (Denmark) outdoor street lamps are getting an upgrade, with 20,000 energy-efficient LED lamps to be installed in 2016. Energy savings of around 57 percent are expected, which is enough to power 4,500 homes in the Danish capital. In addition to saving energy, the new lights will be fitted with smart capabilities. Maintenance officials will be able to remotely dim or brighten the lamps, and will be automatically alerted if repairs are required.

The technology installed in the lamps will also enable it to detect approaching cyclists and shine extra light, improving journey safety. Around half of Copenhagen’s outdoor street lights will be replaced, with the local government deciding to sell the old models at auction, giving potential buyers the chance to own a piece of Copenhagen history.

The iconic, bowl-shaped lamps have proven extremely popular, with already 3,000 sold for an average of $100 apiece. The new smart lamps will adhere closely to the historic design, ensuring continuity in Copenhagen’s urban aesthetic. The decision to move to more energy efficient lamps is part of Copenhagen’s drive to be carbon neutral by 2025.

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