5 November 2014

Role of sustainable and innovative public procurement captured in Cities Today

The importance and potential of procurement of innovation and sustainable procurement is outlined in the latest edition of Cities Today magazine, in an article written by Mark Hidson, Deputy Regional Director and Global Director of the Sustainable Procurement Capacity Centre at ICLEI. The article emphasises the need to move away from the mindset that lowest-price represents the lowest cost in the long run, and introduces the key factors of procuring innovation.

“The total value of public procurement in the EU is estimated at €2 trillion per year - or about 19 percent of European GDP,” writes Mr. Hidson. “Directed in the right way this figure represents tremendous fiscal power to shape societies for the better. Channelling this sum towards exclusively sustainable, ethical and innovative products and services will have a hugely significant impact on job creation and environmental and social welfare.”

The role of the revised Public Procurement Directives in fostering procurement of innovation and sustainable procurement is touched on, as is the work of ICLEI in promoting sustainable public procurement. "Undertaken correctly, sustainable procurement has the capacity to stimulate new technology, achieve more efficient public services, create jobs and provide solutions that reduce environmental impacts and are socially responsible," Mr. Hidson writes.

To read the article, visit the Cities Today web-edition.