23 May 2019

New toolkit on better waste prevention and management released

The UrbanWINS team has now released its final toolkit A guide on urban metabolism and participatory processes for more efficient urban waste policies, that can inspire urban waste agents – from decision makers to waste companies – to improve the sustainability of cities by interpreting waste issues and policies in an innovative way. The toolkit addresses a wide range of stakeholders.

The document includes a corpus of 70 best practices - covering different waste streams – that can be relevant for cities; a chapter on urban metabolism and its implementation tools – i.e. UMAn and LCA applications -, and a detailed section on stakeholder engagement processes. The goal of the toolkit is to encourage other towns and cities in Europe and beyond to replicate the UrbanWINS approach and to build upon it.

UrbanWINS is a three-year project funded by the Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 20202 that has studied how cities consume resources, materials and products, and how they get rid of the waste produced in order to develop and test innovative plans and solutions aimed at improving waste prevention and management.

The UrbanWINS toolkit is free and can be downloaded here.