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Global North-South Knowledge Exchange Event on Sustainable Public Procurement

13 November 2018

Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP) is growing in importance globally as a tool to achieve sustainable development and take climate action, particularly with the global commitment to SDG 12: Sustainable Consumption and Production. The project ‘Municipalities Promoting and Shaping Sustainable Value Creation (MUPASS) – Public Procurement For Fair and Sustainable Production’, which ICLEI Africa is supporting, is a project of the German Development Institute (DIE), that analyses potentials and challenges in this policy field.

As part of this project, from 17 – 19 October 2018, eight representatives from Sub-Saharan Africa attended the MUPASS Global North-South Knowledge Exchange in Bremen (Germany) along with European city governments and other stakeholders working in SPP. This intensive three-day learning engagement gave representatives a chance to share their practice and learn from one another how to advance SPP.  Main challenges addressed during the event included the management of supply chains and broader change management principles needed to address climate change and sustainability challenges.

Mutual and equal learning is an important aspect of the project, as was underlined during the event. Attendants also had the chance to learn more about the ICLEIs work in this field, in particular the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Public Procurement and the Procura+ Networks, giving examples of good practice and shared challenges between the regions.

ICLEI Africa has been working with the German Development Institute to undertake research in to SPP in Sub-Saharan Africa and supported and participated in this event as part of this work.

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