22 October 2019

Smart cities need smarter procurement – OECD Public Procurement Forum

This week is the OECD Public Procurement Week, running under the theme of ‘Unpacking complexity’. Key part of the programme is the high-level Forum on Mainstreaming effective responses to complex challenges on 22 October, a joint initiative of the Public Governance Directorate (GOV) and the Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities (CFE).

Mark Hidson, Global Director, Sustainable Procurement Centre, ICLEI, spoke about how to design procurement strategies so as to mainstream innovation in public contracts under the smart city paradigm. This is vital as integrating smart city principles often requires to totally rethink the way many public services are delivered, from street lighting to urban mobility.

Throughout the Forum policymakers and practitioners discussed three main questions (1) How are public institutions leveraging on public procurement to support the implementation of public policies? (2) How can infrastructure effectively support inclusive growth, productivity and well-being? (3) How to align human capacities, strategies and procurement outcomes in a changing world?

Back to back, the OECD launched a new report analysing the progress achieved in implementing the 2015 OECD Recommendation on Public Procurement. Explore it here.