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Malaysia committed to sustainable procurement through GPP plan

29 August 2013

The Malaysian government has demonstrated its support for sustainable procurement by adopting the Government Green Procurement Action Plan on 10 July 2013. The six biggest government ministries in terms of procurement spending will be moving onto the implementation stage of the plan soon.

This movement by the Malaysian government indicates a greater degree of coordination on sustainable procurement than in the past. The Action Plan will help different agencies and departments to work together to ensure that they are cohesive in their efforts. It is aimed at greening the entire lifecycle of the government’s procurement from the raw materials to production, to the eventual use and waste management of products and goods.

Four key sectors are acting as focal points for Malaysia’s sustainable procurement programme, including building, food, transport and tourism. Short-term projects covered by the Action Plan are scheduled for completion by December 2014, while longer term projects will be completed by 2020.

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