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Borlänge releases tender for renovation of building stock

3 May 2016

The Swedish city of Borlänge has launched an EU-wide tender for the renovation of publically owned apartment buildings. The tender has been prepared as part of the EU-funded PROBIS project, which helps local authorities to procure innovative solutions to improve energy efficiency when renovating building stock. The tender is open for applications until 27 May 2016.

The procurement will see the installation of an innovative new ventilation system in an existing apartment building, as well as reconstruction and sealing of the current ventilation, recovering previously-wasted heat. One of the tender requirements is that tenants are able to stay in their homes during the renovation process.

The primary expectations for the solution are: a ventilation system that is flexible, energy efficient, quick and easy to install, which does not take up too much space in the building, is based on components that are easy to obtain and replace, and which has a simple and low frequency maintenance. The PROBIS project aims to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability of European public buildings through innovative solutions.

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