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Webinar series to provide training on green public procurement

26 August 2013

A series of webinars will be held on energy efficient public procurement and the monitoring and evaluation of green public procurement programmes, organised by the Clean Energy Solutions Center in partnership with the SEAD initiative and the European Commission’s Green Public Procurement Programme. Effective procurement policies can help governments save considerable amounts of money while also reducing energy consumption.

A webinar-based training will be provided at 9:00 EDT on 18 September 2013 on key findings from the SEAD Initiative report Energy Efficient Public Procurement: Best Practice in Programme Delivery. The report discusses the challenges in delivering public procurement programmes. It also presents creative solutions adopted by different countries to overcome these challenges. Key points from this analysis will be discussed along with case studies from the EU, Sweden, the UK, and the US. Registration is available online.

At 9:00 EDT on 25 September 2013 key findings from the recently published SEAD Guide for Monitoring and Evaluating (M&E) Green Public Procurement Programmes will be presented. The presentation will include an overview of current practices, highlight international practices, and summarise lessons to improve the effectiveness of procurement monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Representatives from South Korea and the U.S. will also present case studies that show leadership and innovation in implementing M&E systems. Those interested can register online.