7 October 2016

Enzkreis procures innovative energy efficiency solutions for public buildings

The German district of Enzkreis recently set out to refurbish the roof of a building at the Mühlacker Vocational School, which houses 16 workshops for apprentices in the metal industry. The main objectives were to reduce energy losses through improving the building, and to improve energy efficiency through the installation of windows with a higher energy performance.

The procurement placed an emphasis on innovative solutions, such as thinner roofs with good insulation properties. Energy efficiency and sustainability were included as criteria in the awarding of the contract. The solutions contracted exceeded the demands requested in the tender and overcame the challenge of providing innovative lightweight materials for insulating the roof and glazing the windows, while at the same time ensuring improvements in energy efficiency.

The district is a partner of the EU-funded Public Administration Procurement Innovation to Reach Ultimate Sustainability (PAPIRUS) project, which aims to promote, implement and validate innovative solutions for sustainable construction through public procurement pilot actions across four European countries (Germany, Italy, Norway and Spain).

For more information, download the case study in the GPP News Alert.