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SPRC Resources Section update offers better experience for users

25 March 2015

The Sustainable Procurement Resource Centre (SPRC) has undergone a revamp of its user interface, making it easier to access relevant procurement resources than ever before. The SPRC contains hundreds of resources in a range of languages, providing detailed support for procurers and other stakeholders that wish to engage in more efficient and effective sustainable public procurement.

In addition to changes to the search criteria, selected resources are now highlighted, ensuring that visitors don’t miss out on the most up-to-date guidance. The highlighted resources are selected by procurement experts within ICLEI, the organisation that hosts the SPRC. The revised site also makes it easier to add resources to the SPRC’s database.

A “quick search” option, separated by procurement category, makes finding the right guidance more efficient, whilst a detailed search option ensures that specific resources can be located. Users have the possibility to search by the country that the resource concerns, language, the type of resource, the sustainability theme, the sector the resource focuses on, and whether the resource is aimed at the local, national or international level.

For more information, visit the SPRC Resources Section.