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Manchester United implements sustainable procurement policy

13 March 2014

Manchester United, one of the largest and most valuable football clubs in the world, is pursuing a sustainable procurement policy, ensuring that its impact on the environment and the local community is a positive one. The club has placed a particular emphasis on sustainable catering.

Wherever feasible, the British club will use local, regional and UK suppliers of goods and services, while staff will be trained to promote and deliver sustainable procurement practices. "Manchester United recognises its responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy environment and will endeavour to maintain sound environmental performance through the continued maintenance of our proactive environmental management system" said Head of Catering Stephen Cooper and Director of Venue Operations Guy Smith in a signed statement.

On an annual basis, key suppliers will be asked to complete a questionnaire to verify their environmental, social and economic performance. These questionnaires will be assessed prior to the renewal of contracts. Within three years all suppliers will be expected to have improved their performance.

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