16 July 2015

New book provides practical public procurement guidance

The many facets of public procurement are explored and made accessible in Abby Semple’s new book “A Practical Guide to Public Procurement”. Published by Oxford University Press, the book delves into the EU legal framework and the impact of the 2014 EU procurement directives. Rather than presenting a theoretical analysis, the book incorporates the reality of how public authorities and companies act when bidding for public contracts, taking into account the unavoidable constraints on their time, capacity and budget.

A detailed overview of the legal obligations and opportunities afforded by the procurement directives is given, including an outline of the court’s interpretation of the directives through case law. The increased comprehensiveness (and complexity) of the most recent directives in comparison to the 2004 iteration is highlighted, particularly where the changes in the law give rise to potential confusion. The reinterpretation of public procurement as a means to meet diverse policy objectives is also discussed.

A consideration of the various ways of applying the term “value for money” leads into discussion on sustainability, and the economic and legislative imperative behind purchasing green. Bringing a knack for explanation coupled with a legal precision that gets to the heart of European procurement legislation, Ms. Semple has written a text book that is destined to become a vital resource for procurers across Europe.

For more information, visit Oxford University Press.