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Sustainable procurement: helping the Paris Agreement fulfill its promise

6 September 2016

Political representatives from the cities in the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement (GLCN on SP) gathered this Friday for the Network’s Mayoral Second Annual Summit in Seoul (South Korea). Representatives used the occasion to present their key achievements on sustainable public procurement and to announce their targets as GLCN cities. Seoul Metropolitan Government, Chair of the GLCN on SP, chose to include the Second Summit as part of the Mayors Forum on Climate Change to show the importance of sustainable procurement to combat climate change and to showcase the activities of the Network participants in attendance – Seoul, Auckland (New Zealand), Budapest (Hungary), Cape Town (South Africa), Helsinki (Finland), Montréal (Canada), Quezon (Philippines), and Warsaw (Poland). Building on its 20 years of experience on sustainable procurement, ICLEI acts as coordinator of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement.

"The cities need to open a sustainable future and continue to move forward based on the commitments that have been made today. This way the cities can tackle climate change through procurement," Park Won-soon, Mayor of Seoul Metropolitan Government and Chair of the GLCN on SP, said.

The purpose of the Mayors Forum on Climate Change was to outline how cities and local governments can support national and global efforts to raise the level of global ambition, to ensure a rapid entry of the Paris Agreement into force. In that sense, cities in the GLCN on SP are prepared to step up to the challenge of using procurement to address climate change and help ensure that the Paris Agreement lives up to its promise.

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