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New DVD added to LANDMARK’s touring Multimedia Exhibition

19 October 2012

EcoProcura 2012 saw the launch of the LANDMARK project Multimedia Exhibition, which looks at how social responsibility can be achieved throughout public sector supply chains with a focus on how to verify supplier compliance. A DVD featuring animations and interviews with procurers familiar with verification schemes and other key stakeholders working on SRPP was shown, along with an interactive exhibit that invited visitors to explore issues and solutions surrounding the procurement of various high-risk product groups such as construction materials, food and textiles.

Using touch screens, users could virtually view problems surrounding various supply chains, find out what public authorities can do to tackle these challenges, and see information on key actors working on these specific areas that may be contacted for assistance. The LANDMARK project aims to enable European local authorities to improve working conditions in supply chains through responsible public procurement.

The exhibition will be in Spain in the coming months, from November - December in Barcelona, January - February in San Boi,and San Quirze in March. Additional venues in Spain may be requested during this time period, interested parties are requested to contact Martina Hooper from SETEM at The exhibition will then travel across Europe until March 2014, and is available in English, Catalan, German, Portuguese and Spanish. If you would like to book the Multimedia Exhibition for your organisation anywhere in Europe, please contact Philipp Tepper at

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