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Green Deal on Circular Procurement report published

4 July 2017

The Green Deal on Circular Procurement report has been published, reflecting on three years of circular procurement work across 80 pilot projects in the Netherlands. The report finds that the procurement process provides significant opportunities to implement circular economy principles.

The Green Deal is a three-year initiative in the Netherlands designed to help encourage the purchase of circular goods, which was supported by Rijkswaterstaat and REBus. The report outlines the work of 45 public and private sector participants to identify how best to use the procurement process to shape more circular processes.

Using illustrative case studies, the report identifies product categories seen as particularly compatible with the circular procurement approach, as well as addressing how circularity can be introduced to the tendering process, for example in specifications and assessment. Looking at the next step for circular procurement, the report points to considering how its findings can be up-scaled, and how circular procurement could become mainstreamed.

For more information and to download the report, visit the SP Platform Resource Centre.