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The rewards of measuring success in sustainable procurement

26 November 2013

The need to understand and measure the outcomes of sustainability initiatives and their contribution to an organisation is increasingly important for those engaged in sustainable procurement. EcoBuy, a sustainable procurement consultancy based in Australia, has several things to keep in mind about this process based on the outcomes of a recent webinar.

As sustainable procurement becomes more and more widespread, it is essential to continually assess and measure the impact of sustainable procurement initiatives in order to improve performance, so that support for investment in sustainable procurement is secured. A narrow financial analysis can only go so far in this evaluation. Instead, real value is found in measuring outcomes with social and environmental implications, as well as economic ones.

Holistic cost-benefit analysis can help you to measure greenhouse gas emissions with additional data collection. This must be embedded in existing roles and activities to ensure its sustainability over time, but will reward sound investment. With this in mind you will be able to explain in detail the economic, environmental and social outcomes to internal and external stakeholders, providing an all important business case to ensure sustainable procurement remains a priority.

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