20 September 2017

Municipalities sign up to Basque GPP Programme 2020

Udalsarea21, the Basque network of municipalities for sustainability, has signed up to the Basque Government's GPP Programme 2020. The network, composed of 176 municipalities and other public entities, agreed to formally adopt the commitments of the GPP Programme and strive to reach 50% GPP in the procurement of 10 prioritised product groups by 2018 and 50% in 10 additional categories by 2020, including works, services and construction works.

This is the first major adhesion to the voluntary GPP Programme of the Basque Country 2020 after its approval during the last quarter of last year. The GPP Programme seeks to address process objectives, which relate to the integration of GPP into authorities’ procedures and procurement tools; and results objectives, based on greening of public tenders for more than 20 priority groups (ranging from office paper to building and infrastructure works).

The programme's implementation is supervised by Procura+ participant Ihobe, the Basque Environmental Management Agency.

For more information and to download the GPP Programme 2020, visit the Sustainable Procurement Platform Resource Centre.