4 February 2013

UK university embraces sustainable purchasing

Liverpool Hope University is pushing relevant staff to be more sustainable when purchasing goods and services. The British university has put in place a sustainable procurement policy which ensures the wider environment, local businesses and the community are taken into account when purchasing. The policy is being communicated across the university to promote awareness among staff and students.

The main provisions of the policy include investigating all university spending to identify possibilities to reduce environmental impacts, pushing suppliers to improve production processes and to supply more environmentally products, and encouraging local and regional business, SMEs and ethnic minority businesses to bid for appropriate work.

Staff will also be provided guidance and training to adopt more sustainable purchasing policies, and will be asked to thoroughly assess the need for the product or service and, once established, adopt best practice (reduce, re-use and recycle) in their buying decisions. Staff will also ensure tender documents include questions about suppliers’ environmental performance and develop corresponding assessment criteria, including whole life costing, to evaluate suppliers’ bids.

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