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Organisations unite to tackle abuses among suppliers

14 April 2016

Civil society bodies, organisations from industry, trade-unions, and the Dutch government have come together to support an agreement that advocates for sustainability and better working conditions in garment and textile factories. Overseen by the Social and Economic Committee of the Netherlands, the agreement will use the combined power of the organisations involved to push for change among suppliers in countries such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Turkey.

Issues including child labour and forced labour will be tackled, with the Dutch government to discuss strengthening working and environmental conditions with governments in production countries. Other issues to be addressed include achieving a living wage, reducing the environmental impact of production, and improving workers’ safety.

An annual improvement plan will be drawn up that will chart the progress made in tackling the issues identified. “This [agreement] is very good news for all those people who are still working excessively long days in dangerous conditions for very low pay. It’s also good news for the industry as a whole and for the consumer, everyone will be better off as a result,” said Lilianne Ploumen, Dutch minister of foreign trade and development cooperation, speaking to Supply Management.

For more information, visit the Supply Management website.