18 January 2017

Nordic countries look at driving forward green procurement

An event in Copenhagen (Denmark) saw public procurers from across the Nordic countries gather to discuss green procurement and how they could drive a shift towards the circular economy. ICLEI Europe was represented at the conference by Mark Hidson, Global Director of ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre. The aim of the event was to enable Nordic procurers to learn from each other's experience.

"I believe that Nordic countries can become front runners in green public procurement," said Mr Hidson. "There's significant political support for this topic in the region, largely because politicians want this to gain ground, particularly in terms of the circular economy and circular procurement."

Mr Hidson spoke as part of a panel discussion at the event, along with Michael Damm from Aalborg (Denmark), Ask Møller-Nielsen from Grundfos and Cécile van Oppen from the Dutch consultancy company Copper8. As well as looking at how to use ecolabel criteria, best practice from cities across the region was presented at the conference, including examples from Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden) and Vantaa (Helsinki).

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