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New EU-funded platform to make it easier to buy sustainable furniture

29 December 2015

A new platform will help public procurers to buy more environmentally-friendly furniture, providing comprehensive guidance throughout the tender process. The Green Urban Furniture platform, developed as part of the EU-funded FUTURE project, will make it easier for procurers to develop environmental criteria for suppliers and compare how sustainable different products are.

The project states that local governments can significantly improve their impact on global warming through using the tool to purchase more sustainable furniture. Placing a stronger emphasis on sustainable furniture is also likely to expand the European green furniture market, leading to greater range and competitiveness.

The tool is currently being tested by local authorities in Valencia (Spain) and Koprivnica (Croatia), who will purchase around 200 furniture products in the initial phase. It is expected that 17,500 pieces of sustainable furniture will be purchased using the tool over the next five years.

For more information, visit Public Spend Matters Europe.