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LED street lighting comes to Bath and North East Somerset

27 August 2013

Bath and North East Somerset Council is the first local authority in the UK to convert all their street lighting to LED technology. The switch will save the council over €230,000 per year and cut carbon emissions by 780 tonnes, which is equivalent to three percent of the council’s total energy consumption.

Each lamp contains more than 80 tiny bulbs, which have a life span of 60,000 hours, or around 16 years when they are lit for 10 hours each day. This is five times more efficient than a traditional street lamp. Additionally, the new lights employ an intelligent lighting system which adjusts its output to match the level of traffic on the road at any one time, saving energy when there are fewer vehicles on the road.

As well as the financial and environmental advantages that LED lighting systems can deliver, they provide clearer and better illumination than traditional street lighting, making areas safer at night for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians.

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