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Invitation issued to host Procura+ Seminar 2015

13 November 2014

ICLEI is inviting interested parties to host the 2015 edition of the Procura+ seminar series. This exciting opportunity will present a host partner – whether city, municipality, organisation or government – with access to leading experts in sustainable public procurement and the chance to help build an engaging, diverse seminar which responds to their needs and interests.

The 2015 installment of the Procura+ seminar will see ICLEI's Procura+ Campaign combine forces with the GPP 2020 project to provide a platform for exchange. Purchasers from all levels of government, suppliers, manufacturers, policy-makers and multipliers on specific topics related to sustainable public procurement will come together to identify strategies for mainstreaming low-carbon and innovation procurement in European public authorities.

Cities interested in hosting the event are asked to provide a venue and additional logistics, along with their individual know-how and experience to help define the direction of the seminar. A contribution to cover staff costs, travel and accommodation for speakers, materials and other support logistics is also requested. The amount, in terms of financial and in-kind donations, can be discussed with the Procura+ team.

For more information, download the call for hosts.