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Guidelines for achieving greater transparency in procurement released

12 June 2014

A new set of procurement guidelines launched by the Sunlight Foundation aims to help local councils achieve better oversight of contracting procedures. The Foundation has chosen to focus on data release, believing that more open data in procurement will pave the way for more efficient and fair practices in government contracting.

The seventeen guidelines provide suggestions of how best to allow for distributed oversight, fair competition, and an accessible market in government procurement. Increased transparency can reduce corruption, make procurement more efficient and effective, and allow for greater accountability.

The guidelines cover what documents and information from the procurement process should be published, who the key stakeholders are and how this information should be released. They are designed to be used by all levels of government - local, national and international. By allowing potential contractors and others to have access to more information, the oversight burden can be more broadly distributed and some of the pressure taken off public authorities.

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